Frequently asked questions

How to prevent wood window rot problems:

• Eliminate or relocate all shrubbery that are too close to the windows.
• Relocate or redirect sprinklers away from windows.
• Have your windows inspected for rot and proper sealing.
• Paint your windows every 4 – 5 years using proper surface preparation procedures.
• Reseal your window perimeters.
• Address existing problems IMMEDIATELY.
• Do you have fogged glass? Let Aruba Window Repair and Home Improvement Replace it! Condensation collected between the two panes of glass, seeps into the wood and creates wood rot.

Why does my insulated glass fog?

Insulated glass, often called “thermal pane” or “double pane” glass, was developed to create a more energy efficient window. Insulated glass is created by bonding two panes of glass together along their perimeter while maintaining space between them. Double pane glass manufactured today has two perimeter seals, an inner seal that resist water, aging and corrosion, and an outer seal that provides rigidity and strength.

The leading causes of seal failure are:

• Seals that break down from exposure to water. Windows without the proper safeguards (ie. sealants) that keep water away from the perimeter, will cause seals to fail sooner.
• Excess heat (ie. direct sun exposure) causes the panes to expand and contract, and softens and weakens the seal until it develops a crack or separates at least one pane of glass from the seal and allows moisture in.

How much does it cost to repair windows?

Window repair cost vary depending on the type and extent of damage. The size and type of window, as well as other materials used to build the window also effect pricing. Although its not a simple answer, our average window repair cost are usually only a third of full window replacement. For example: A new window may cost $2,000 (including labor cost) to replace but to repair would only be around $650, would likely perform better than original and take less time to complete.

What do I do when the seal fails/glass fogs?

When insulated glass develops fog and in later stages becomes milky, it is a sign of seal failure on the thermal pane glass.

The ONLY viable and long lasting option is glass replacement.

New insulated glass, if properly installed, last a lot longer than its 10 year warranty.

What type of work is usually involved with wood window repair?

1. Aruba Window Repair and Home Improvement inspects your windows/house for rot, damage and seal failure.
2. After the homeowner decides to proceed with the repairs, Aruba Window Repair and Home Improvement will prepare all needed materials according to the specifications.
3. Aruba Window Repair and Home Improvements experienced technicians carefully remove damaged components of the window and replace with new rot-free components, assuring proper operation of the window.
4. Detailed clean-up around the work areas.
5. All replaced components are primed, sealed and ready to paint.
6. Aruba Window Repair and Home Improvement also offer painting services.